Healing Little Hearts

Dr Sanjiv Nichani

Dr Sanjiv NichaniDr Sanjiv Nichani – I am a British Indian Consultant doctor settled in the UK and specialise in looking after critically ill babies, children and teenagers after they have received open heart surgery. I have been working in this field 19 years, settled in Leicester.

I have set-up a Unit to look after critically ill children from scratch. The Intensive Care service for children that  I setup is one of busiest intensive care services in the UK.  I also set up a unit for children with heart problems needing long term support on breathing machines alongside a High Dependency Unit for children.

Over 8.5 years ago I set up Healing Little Hearts (HLH) and we send teams of Doctors and Nurses to India 12-14 times per year to perform heart surgery on babies and children for free.  More recently HLH has also embarked on a similar initiative with a Hospital in North East Malaysia.

To date I have set-up camps in these hospitals and operated on nearly 800 babies and children:


  1. Holy Family Hospital Bombay
  2. Satya Sai Hospital Bangalore
  3. Mission Hospital Durgapur West Bengal
  4. Andhra Hospital Vijayawada
  5. Ruby Hall Hospital Pune
  6. Shere Kasmir Hospital Srinagar
  7. Sant Acchyut Maharaj Hospital Amravati
  8. Sai Sanjeevani Hospital Raipur
  9. USM Hospital Kelantan Malaysia

My dream is now to make HLH a Global Foundation whereby we will work in Asia, Africa and perhaps even South/Central America.

Outside of work and HLH I play hard. I am a third Dan Black Belt in Karate hopefully will grade for my fourth Dan this year. I also love dancing and have won 2 team dance competitions in consecutive 4 years ago.  I love travelling with my wife and children and am slowly but surely making my way to different parts of the world as there is so much to see in a short period of time.

There are 3 guiding principles that help me in my quest to help others and leave a legacy:


  1. In my opinion the most liberating religion in the world is humanism: Helping those less fortunate than we are
  2. TOLO – They Only Live Once referring to the millions of children born with heart defects around the world that don’t get the life-saving heart treatment that they need and deserve
  3. ISR – Individual Social Responsibility, we’ve all heard of CSR corporate social responsibility, we as individuals should be doing exactly the same in whatever small or big way that we can

If you have any questions or if you’d like to know more, feel free to email me at sanjiv.nichani@healinglittlehearts.org.uk