Healing Little Hearts

Our Team

TeamHLH is made up as follows:


  • The Committee Members: All committee members are volunteers and we are a team of around 10 and growing. Each brings a different set of skills to help grow the charity and raise its profile. Our main duties include the day to day running of the charity, organising and running fundraising events (see our get involved pages for more info), having an active presence on social media, and engaging with the wider community to gather support – without which we would not be able to do what we do.


  • The Medical Team: All the medical team members are volunteers who give up their time to fly out to centres in the different countries we have a presence in. The teams are made up of a surgeon, doctor, anaesthetist, and 2 nurses. They often fly out straight after finishing work in the local hospitals where they are based and on their arrival are back at work the next day.


  • Volunteers of HLH: These are a core part of HLH who support Committee Members on a daily basis on various projects. If you would like to know more about volunteering with us please click here


  • Supporters: This is potentially You! People that come across the charity and are moved by the cause that want to help out and get involved. Without supporters such as yourself we could not do what we do. We rely on the generous donations of our supporters and fundraisers. To find out more click here to see how you can get involved.


  • Friends of HLH: These are a core part of HLH who often support the charity year on year by way of supporting events, gifting raffle prizes, providing free of charge services or in other ways. If you would like to know more about how you can join this noble cause please click here to send us a message.