Healing Little Hearts

Baroness Sandip Verma

Baroness Sandip Verma is a business woman, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and Co-Founder of POWERful women. She is the first woman of South Asian origin to sit on the front benches in either side within the Houses of Parliament.


Baroness VermaSome of her other notable achievements include the prestigious Pravasi Bhartiya Samman Award by the President of India (on behalf of Government of India) in 2011, in acknowledgement of her outstanding achievement in the field of public affairs and in recognition of her valuable contribution in promoting the honour and prestige of India and in fostering the interests of Overseas Indians.

In Sept 2010 Baroness Verma was conferred upon an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration by the Wolverhampton University. On 11th October 2012 she was awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Award (internationally renowned award) for Social Leadership of 2012 by the Institute of Directors, India, in London.

As patron of Healing Little Hearts, Baroness Verma said: “I wonder how many of us know of someone that has a child with such heartfelt conditions and then thank God we live in a country with free healthcare at the point of need. I always try to lend my support to worthy causes and Healing Little Hearts is one such cause. They do a fantastic job of ensuring those who do not have access to life saving treatment get the necessary care that will change their lives forever.

As a fast growing charity there is still a lot of work to do to reach across more areas of India and it can only be possible thanks to those who help support the cause. I think we all have a social and moral responsibility to help wherever we can. To help save a child’s life please continue to support the wonderful team at Healing Little Hearts.”

Baroness Sandip Verma