Healing Little Hearts

Sahil Nichani Leicester Half Marathon challenge for Healing Little Hearts

On Sunday (15th October 2017), Sahil Nichani will be running the Leicester Half Marathon to raise money for  Healing Little Hearts.

It costs roughly £500 to save one child’s life. So far, thanks to the generosity of the Great British public we have raised an amazing total of £2000, enough to save the lives of four precious children. But why stop there, why not make it 6…or 8. There are hundreds of thousands that need our help so let’s try and save as many as we can together.

I urge and plead you to spare a few pounds, any donation is greatly appreciated and togethers let’s give these children a new chance at life, one they all deserve.

Below is the link to Sahil’s fundraising page, any amount is wonderful.

For those of you who have already donated, Sahil would like to extend his personal thanks.

Donations can be made at via Sahil’s Total Giving page.