Healing Little Hearts

Press Release 09th Dec 2015


Saving precious little lives

The Leicester (UK) based charity Healing Little Hearts (HLH) performs heart operations and saves the lives of a further 61 children in India for FREE! Last month (November 2015) HLH sent their medical teams to four Hospitals in India. All children have done well. This is a great achievement for the charity – with an average number of 15 lives saved every week (the current average number of heart operations performed in the UK is 6-8 in a week).

HLH Christmas Press ReleaseThe Hospitals visited were:

1. Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra

2. Satya Sai Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka

3. Mission Hospital, Durgapur, West Bengal

4. Andhra Heart Hospital, Vijawada, Andhra

Every year almost 300,000 children are born with heart defects in India. Out of these approx 80,000 require corrective heart surgery. Only 20,000 receive any form of treatment. HLH is the most proflic Children’s Heart Charity in India and to date our teams have performed heart surgery on 750+ children.

In September 2015 our team successfully completed their first children’s heart surgery outside of India and saved 9 children’s lives in Malaysia. Indeed this was our first step in fulling our ambition to create Healing Little Hearts Global Foundation. The charity are exploring links with Mauritius and Zimbabwe.

The committee members and the medical teams take no financial remuneration and are constantly thinking of new ways to raise funds and awareness in order to continue to save the lives of the poorest children in the world. HLH’s latest campaign “Small change BIG difference” collection boxes encourages people to donate their small change. To apply for a collection box or to support us in any way (such as with your carrier bag monies), please email us on info@healinglittlehearts.org.uk


HLH Christmas Press Release