Healing Little Hearts

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Nisha’s Kesaria Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, Sun 03rd to 15th May 2015

Nisha’s personal statement:  “Help me raise enough money to save 10 children’s lives” 

Having considered climbing Mt Kilimanjaro several times but never doing so for numerous reasons, when the opportunity to join the Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek presented itself – I confirmed it without giving it much thought.   It was much later that enormity of it dawned on me. For me the climb had to be more than just a personal achievement. I wanted to contribute to a greater cause. I have had the desire to get involved with Healing Little Hearts (HLH) for a few years now and it made perfect sense to help this worthy cause.


As you may know HLH is the only charity in the world that travels to India with such frequency to perform life saving open heart surgery on babies and children – going once a month. During each camp they operate on around 10 children at no cost to the parents. According to the Regency Medical Centre in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania: “Every year more than 7000 children with congenital heart diseases and adolescents with rheumatic valvular heart diseases await Open Heart Surgery treatment”.


In 2013, in Tanzania’s largest teaching and referral hospital in Dar Es Salaam, 300 children awaited surgery. Many more across the country require treatment.  HLH have kindly expressed their intention to travel to Africa to offer their services. This would be the first time HLH has ventured beyond India to provide it’s charitable service. Were they to come to Tanzania, HLH could, with every visit treat 10 to 12 children and if successful, they would schedule regular trips to Tanzania, as they make to India. I am liaising with a hospital with an equipped cardiac unit, so that HLH can make their first trip to Tanzania. I intend to use the trek (which has already been fully paid for) to fundraise for this purpose.

My goal is to have HLH treat at least 10 (and hopefully more) children on their first trip here to Tanzania. Should you wish to contribute to my endeavour then please donate kindly and I look forward to your messages of support.”



The Healing Little Heart Team wish Nisha’s all the best in her brave and incredible challenge.

Please follow her progress here and F: HLHCharity / T: @HLHCharity