Healing Little Hearts

Kiran Basra

I am pleased to have joined the Healing Little Hearts team as a volunteer. I heard about Healing Little Hearts through a friend of mine and it is a Leicester based charity that I knew little about. The more I researched about the cause, the more interested I became about getting involved. I have always enjoyed working with different people and I am also qualified as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist.

The statistics regarding the vast number of children born with heart defects and the limited access they have to treatment in India, speaks volumes and I believe what Healing Little Hearts has achieved – and continues to aspire to achieve is truly heart-warming.

Most recently I have been helping out with the collection box initiative with various businesses across Leicester and I’m sure there will many other opportunities to get involved with in the future. Moreover, I look forward to enhancing and developing my own skills along the way, e.g. in communication. For me, this is personally rewarding to know that I am doing something which can help support HLH in a positive way.