Healing Little Hearts


Fundraising to save children

Your fundraising idea is only limited by your imagination. Jump from a plane, sit in a bathtub full of baked beans, host a bake sale, fundraise at your school, at your local church/temple, climb a mountain or run a marathon.


You can even do some corporate fundraising through your company.


You can also install our charity boxes in your business to help to raise vital funds, which also help raise the awareness of Healing Little Hearts. Your customers small change can make a big difference to our babies and children.


We’re so grateful for your valuable support, which will make sure we can continue to save the life’s of precious babies and children so every penny raised through your fundraising efforts will make a real difference in saving lives.


We will provide you support in promoting your campaign and engage your donors.


Fundraising Ideas


Some Fun-loving ideas
  • host a charity ball with auction
  • organise a fancy dress party
  • a night in: dinner, film night or pamper party
  • bbq or picnic
  • music night
  • fashion show


Some ideas for fundraising at work


  • install our collections boxes
  • office sweekpstake
  • quiz night
  • dress differently for a day
  • challenge the boss
  • raffle
  • make your colleagues lunch
  • cake sales
  • static bike ride – QDOS recently rode to Space


University Students and LecturersStudents fundraising for HLH


  • freshers week fundraising gigs
  • quiz nights
  • dance-a-thron
  • organise a charity club night at your Student Union or a local bar/club
  • organise a pub crawl collection and raise money
  • organise a Battle of the bands or Red X Factor competition
  • arrange a sports day
  • hold a car wash
  • wacky hair day
Little people ideas at school or nursery


  • fun run or sporty challenge
  • put on a play
  • ready steady cook
  • teacher challenge
  • non-uniform day
  • end of term concert
  • sponsored walk to school
  • toy sale