Healing Little Hearts

Organise your own activity

Join the thousands of people across the UK organising their own fundraising activities to raise money for Healing Little Hearts. Our fantastic supporters put on all kinds of activities, from art exhibitions to wine tasting, auctions to walks.

Whatever you’ve got in mind, you’ll find all the ideas and advice you’ll need to make your fundraising a great success.

We’re so grateful for your valuable support, which will make sure we can continue to save the life’s of precious babies and children.

Organising your own activity is simple and straightforward.

1. Pick an idea

Whether you’d like to do something adventurous, quirky, sporty or social, you’ll find inspiration on our fundraising ideas page. And we hope you’re motivated, too, by some of the ways our fantastic supporters have raised money for us.

2. Plan your activity

The better prepared you are, the more smoothly your activity will run, helping you to raise even more for Healing Little Hearts. We’ve put together some planning pointers to guide you.

3. Promote your fundraiser

Once the details are decided, it’s time to drum up lots of interest from everyone you know.

  1. Send us a message to tell us what you’re doing and we’ll promote your event through all our social media channels
  2. Create a fundraising page www.totalgiving.co.uk
  3. Create an event page on Facebook

4. Pay in your money

You can collect donations yourself and send them to us, or raise money through JustGiving.

5. Pat yourself on the back

All your hard work has paid off. The funds you’ve raised will help Healing Little Heart babies and children. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.

How your money helps

Healing Little Hearts gives babies and children a new opportunity at life “They Only Live Once” #HLHTOLO