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The Need

Congenital heart disease is the world’s most common birth defect, globally affecting 1 in 120 children. 90% of these children live where there is inadequate medical care.  Every year tens of thousands of children born into poverty in India are hit with another major blow – a hole in the heart or other heart defect requiring surgery. Their parents cannot afford the lifesaving operation. Many thousands die waiting.

With your help we can end their suffering.


Meet Baby Rudra

Baby Rudra

A four month old baby boy born in a village in Orissa – a state with a population of 42 million people and NO children’s heart centre!.


He has been diagnosed with having a heart condition that requires surgery. Sadly his parents cannot afford the treatment.


One of our aims is to fulfil this requirement by helping to create more centres in place like Orissa.


With your help we can end their suffering



How You Can Get Involved and Help

Your time is one of the most valuable gift you can give. Here are some of the great ways you can support our work and become part of Team HLH.



Give a simple gift:
  • At the click of a button you could give a cash gift to help us
  • continue our vital lifesaving work


It takes just 1 person to donate £600 or 10 people to donate £60.00 each to save a child’s life

Have some fun and take on a challenge:


    • Your fundraising idea is only limited by your imagination. Jump from a plane, sit in a bathtub full of baked beans, host a bake sale, fundraise at your school, climb a mountain or run a marathon
    • You can even do some corporate fundraising through your company
    • Every penny raised through your fundraising efforts will make a real difference in saving lives


HLH Collection Boxes:


  • This year we have launched our very own Healing Little Hearts collection boxes
  • If you run a business or can help place a box in a business we want to hear from you. The generosity of the public combined with an ‘every penny counts’ attitude can help with much needed funds to continue sending our medical volunteers to perform these lifesaving operations