Healing Little Hearts

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital funding raising for Healing Little Hearts

We would like to share something very inspiring with you.

A wonderful group of parents who have children being cared for at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool are kindly fundraising for us.

These parents are fully aware and well experienced in what a wonderful service the NHS provides for their heart warriors.

Sarah Rea Love leads this team of parents, Claire Lewis, Mandy Finnigan, Michelle Darby Tyack, Charlene Littlefair & Michelle Travis.

They have seen the work we do in India, Malaysia, Africa and Mauritius and would like to help these desperately sick children from very poor families who have no such thing as the NHS.

Sarah and her friends are selling ‘Make a Wish’ bracelets and are aiming to raise enough money to fund a camp.

They are being sold for £5 each.

£4 will go to Healing Little Hearts and £1 is the cost of making each bracelet.

Please message our page if you would like to buy one or many and help this group of parents reach their target