Healing Little Hearts

5 more children’s lives are being saved in Orissa

Sibani, Newsree are both doing well post op and Irfan has been discharged and playing with his friends.

Orissa a statesitej in India has a population of 42 million people and NO children’s heart centre.  Sadly HLH doesn’t have a camp in Orissa so whilst families approach us for help unless these babies and children can travel to one of our other centres they will go untreated.

Mary Cusack from another charity ‘Love the One’ based in Orissa recently approached HLH for financial help to operate on 5 children. Whilst we do not have a camp in Orissa we agreed to fund the operation of these 5 children….working in partnership with another charity lives of more children are being saved.

Sitej and Junat, two 5 year olds will be admitted for surgery in the next few weeks.

3 down… 2 to go before Christmas and this isn’t possible without your support, thank you.

Irfan IMG_2836



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